Roles and Responsibilities


Student roles and responsibilities are available on the Student Charter.  You also have professional roles and responsibilities, and these can be located under policies and guidance. Failure to adhere to these may result in you being asked to leave the course or taken through a Fitness to Practice board.

Mentors, Assessors and Practice Educators

A Mentor/Practice Educator is a clinical colleague from the Therapeutic Radiography Department who acts as the Practice Educator for individual student’s co-ordinating, advising, and assisting in the clinical learning for that placement. They also facilitate the completion of the students clinical report book and input into student performance reviews. Assessors are clinical colleagues that have specifically applied for the role as a Student Assessor and facilitate the Case Discussions undertaken within the clinical modules.

Roles and responsibilities of a student assessor

Placement Learning Tutors

Placement Learning Tutors (PLTs) are academic members of the course team that have responsibility for a specific placement site. The scope of the role is responsive to the needs of the students in the specific department and supports the clinical members of staff involved in student support in practice.

Further information regarding Mentors, Assessors and Practice Educators roles can be found in the Practice Placement Handbook.


Within each of our 9 clinical placement sites there is a Placement Learning Tutor (PLT), Mentors/Practice Educators and Clinical Assessors. Please see the mentor information tab for more information about each of these roles and how they will support you on placement.

There are several documents that set out the expectations and responsibilities of all those involved in the partnership between students, clinical staff and supporting lecturers in the clinical education of therapists.

Placement Learning Expectations

Social Media

If you use Social Media a lot then please make sure you read this document to ensure you use it safely.

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