Over the 3 years you will be assessed in various ways in Clinical Practice:

Year 1

  • RONC Professional Practice 1
  • Competency for Practice 1

Year 2

  • RONC Professional Practice 2
  • Competency for Practice 2

Year 3

  • RONC Professional Practice 3
  • Competency for Practice 3


All years are completing the new clinical assessment including a VIVA.

PebblePad Help

Assessment on the RONC programme is recorded on the PebblePad platform.  Guidance can be found on the PebblePad Support site (Sheffield Hallam University).  

If you are a clinician supporting students on placement and you need advice on using PebblePad, please contact the SHU PebblePad Helpdesk for advice -

Process for Managing a Student who is not Progressing, including Refer and Failure of Placement Attempt

Please find guidance below on the process that will be followed if a student is not progressing in practice as expected:

The following form should please be used to record support given to students of Therapeutic Radiography: