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Over the 3 years you will be assessed in various ways in Clinical Practice:

Year 1

  • RONC Professional Practice 1
  • Competency for Practice 1

Year 2

  • RONC Professional Practice 2
  • Competency for Practice 2

Year 3

  • RONC Professional Practice 3
  • Competency for Practice 3


All years are completing the new clinical assessment including a VIVA. Further information on the new assessment process can be found in the

PebblePad Help

Assessment on the RONC programme is recorded on the PebblePad platform.  Guidance can be found on the PebblePad Support site (Sheffield Hallam University).  

If you are a clinician supporting students on placement and you need advice on using PebblePad, please contact the SHU PebblePad Helpdesk for advice -

Process for Managing a Student who is not Progressing, including Refer and Failure of Placement Attempt

Please find guidance below on the process that will be followed if a student is not progressing in practice as expected:


The following form should please be used to record support given to students of Therapeutic Radiography:

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