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How you learn

How you learn

On our courses you may spend up to 50-60% of your time out on placement and the remainder of your time learning the theory and skills training on campus. Depending on which course you are interested in, your placement learning might be within a hospital setting, community, local authority, voluntary organisation or private organisation setting.

The one thing that remains consistent across all our different health and social care specialities is that you will always be supported to achieve the course required placement learning outcomes.

Placement locations

Placement locations vary depending on your course specialism and where people (patients, service users, carers) access health and/or social care services. For example social work students will work within a mix of local authority, voluntary and private sector settings providing social work services; nursing students will work within a mix of community placements and hospital and non-hospital settings whereas operating department practice students due to the nature of the work will only work within hospital settings etc. Placements will take place mainly in Yorkshire, the Humber and East Midlands of England, with the exception of courses where students will need to travel to learn from specialist providers e.g. therapeutic radiography students will need to travel to specialist providers across the North and Midlands of England too.

Please refer to the Online Prospectus for course specific information as every course will have slight variations as to how many weeks are spent on placement and where your placements might take you.

Placement locations vary, depending on:

  • Where the university has agreed placement provision with an appropriate provider of health and or social care services;
  • The range of services the placement provider delivers, where you will be able to gain the supervised learning experiences required to enable you to demonstrate attainment of your course requirements;
  • We aim to give you a breadth of experience across different setting to help you learn the variations between how providers/teams work

Placements will mainly take place within a commutable distance. However we can’t guarantee all our students will be based in Sheffield due to the reasons above.

Students on some healthcare courses spend a great deal of time on clinical and community placements away from the university. In some cases, this means that students need to travel longer distances than usual or even stay away from home for a period of time. Students who fall into this category may be eligible for reimbursement of additional travel and accommodation costs over normal daily travel costs.

University learning

Campus learning not only consists of learning the theory, methodology and science behind health and social care practice it also focuses on preparing your practical skills for working with real life patients and service users. Building your confidence to help you effectively deal with situations when on placement.

Depending on your course, technology such as green screens and virtual reality work effectively alongside our interactive patient mannequins, X-Ray equipment, Gaitrite and rehab machines, mock operating rooms and wards to really put you in the shoes of a health and social care professional whilst in the safety of the University. Our students also benefit from community based simulations using a real house on campus where students can act out potential eventualities with service users and patients and even experience what a court of law feels like using our dedicated room.

How do we support you?

Our lecturers are there to guide you in your learning both on campus but also during your placement, they help you develop your skills and competency to become a qualified professional. You will have dedicated points of contact in the University to guide you through placement and will also have support from professional staff from inside your placement provider. We want this to be a really enjoyable and exciting experience for you. You will never be alone and there are always places to voice any questions or concerns you may have. All support mechanisms for your chosen course will be communicated to you when you begin the course so you are clear on what to do if you need help and guidance.

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