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Enrol online

Enrol online

Before you enrol

You need an active Sheffield Hallam IT account to enrol. If you don't have one yet, activate your account.

If you’re an international taught student, you need to pay half of your fees before you enrol. Go to the international fee payment page. This does not apply to international research students.

When should I enrol?

You will receive an enrolment invitation email inviting you to get started, around two weeks before your course starts. The exact date will vary by course.

When you receive the email, enrol as soon as you can. You must enrol by your course start date.

You need to enrol to get loan payments, and there is often a gap before your first payment arrives. Try to enrol early, so that money reaches your account before the start of term.

What you need

During enrolment you will need:

  • your IT account username and password,
  • scanned copies of your entry qualifications, and
  • photo ID.

There is a reminder of your username in the email we sent you inviting you to enrol. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it from the enrolment login screen.

If you don't know your username and can't find your enrolment email, check your spam and junk mail folders. The subject line of the email is 'Time to enrol at Sheffield Hallam'.

International students

If you're an international taught student, you must pay 50% of your fees for the year before you enrol. You will not be able to start enrolment until this payment has cleared.

Payment deadlines

Online payments take up to five days, and bank transfers up to four weeks. To ensure you can enrol on time, pay by the following dates:

  • Bank transfers: Pay by one month before your course starts 
  • Online payments: Pay by 5 days before your course starts

For more information, read our guidance on payment methods for international students.

During enrolment you will also need:

  • your passport
  • your visa or other immigration documents.

There is a full list of documentation you might be asked for in our enrolment guidance for international students.

Conditional enrolment

If any extra checks are required, or if we need more information from you, we will conditionally enrol you.

This can happen for several reasons, but it is most common for international, health and teaching students. It is nothing to worry about, and will not stop you starting your course or enjoying the welcome experience.

Our conditional enrolment guidance tells you more about what conditional enrolment means and what to do next.

The enrolment form

The enrolment form usually takes about 20 minutes to complete. It can take longer depending on your course and circumstances.

There are several sections to complete, including your personal details, your course information and Hallam's terms and conditions. We will ask you to check information we already have about you, and add anything that is missing.

Saving your progress

Your information is saved automatically when you submit each section, so you can log out and come back if you need to.

If you need to go back to a previous page, use the section buttons on the form. Do not use the back button on your browser, as your progress will be lost.

Enrolment help

You will find help points on each page of the enrolment form. These provide more guidance, and a reminder of who to contact for help.

If you are still unsure you can contact us at or on 0114 478 1478. The team is available Monday to Friday, 10am – 12pm and 2pm – 4pm, UK time.

Get started

If you have your enrolment invitation email, you can start completing the form now. 

First you will need to log in to My Student Record. Then select 'My Enrolment and Fees' from the main menu.

After you enrol

We will send you an email to confirm your enrolment and tell you what to do next. The most important next steps are:

Loan payments

There is usually a gap between completing enrolment and getting money from your student loan.

It is a good idea to complete enrolment as soon as you can, so that your loan funds arrive before you start at Hallam.

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