Jisc Discovery Tool

Jisc Discovery Tool

What is the Jisc Discovery Tool?

The Jisc Discovery Tool is a short online assessment that can help you understand where you're at in your digital literacy journey. Whether you’re a beginner or a native in the digital world, there are always places to improve.

This tool can help you learn what stage you’re at and give you next steps to understand more about your level of ‘digital literacy’. It can also help you set personal and career goals, fill gaps in knowledge for your studies, and be a useful example for future employers of your willingness to learn.

Access the Discovery tool below:

Digital Literacy

We all live in a digital society. Nearly all of us have access to social media, or go online to receive emails, or view important information. 

It’s a part of our society, but everyone has a different level of knowledge.


JISC defines six main areas of Digital literacy. These are:

  • Digital proficiency and productivity (functional skills)
  • Information, data and media literacies (critical use)
  • Digital creation, problem solving and innovation (creative production)
  • Digital communication, collaboration and participation (participation)
  • Digital learning and development (development)
  • Digital identity and wellbeing (self-actualising)

The digital tools assessment will cover all these areas, and help you see what you're already proficient at and what areas you can improve. 


How do I use the Discovery Tool? 

Using the tool is simple. You can use the button provided above, or:

  • Go to the discovery tool webpage, and click on Access our Discovery tool.
  •  Choose your organisation and provide your Hallam login details.
  • You'll then have the option to take the assessment depending on your position as a student at the university - whether new or returning. 
  • Once you have finished the survey, you’ll be presented with a report that you can save and use to measure your progress.


After that, check out our additional resources to see how the University can assist you in developing your digital skills further.