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Managing social media

Managing social media

Social media is an online platform (like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter), which you can use to build social and professional networks, communicating and expressing your interests with family and friends.

An introduction to social media

Don’t get it wrong! As a student and developing professional, it’s important to understand how to use social media responsibly as it can impact on your study, your future online identity and employability.

How to use Social Media responsibility

We tend to think of social media like real life. We have a conversation or a thought and then move on – forgetting that in the digital world a copy could be kept forever, unless we take steps to remove it.


What is your digital footprint?

Using Social Media for learning

Make social media work for you and stand out from the crowd by identifying and harnessing opportunities.

Using Social Media to enhance your employability

It’s likely that you already use social media tools such as Facebook or Twitter for personal, social reasons. Did you know that if used effectively, social media can also dramatically enhance your employability?

Employability on Social Media

Additional resources

For free expert advice on online safety visit Get Safe Online.

For guidance on protecting your personal information visit the Information Commissioner's Office.