Email and Calendar

Email and Calendar

Email is an important and widely used method of communication at university and in the workplace. This section will show you how to use your university email. 

If you enrolled before July 2022, you will find your emails have moved to Outlook although you will still have access to your previous emails through Gmail.  Therefore, any emails that are sent to your Gmail email address will be automatically redirected to your Outlook mailbox and will not appear in your Gmail mailbox.

Your main email address ( won't change and that any emails sent to will be routed to your new email address.

How to understand your SHU Student email address and Microsoft login

Understanding your email address (PDF, 267.8KB)

How to access your email and calendar

You can access your email using the links below or with the Outlook Web App, via Outlook Mobile app or the Outlook Desktop App. See videos and detailed instructions below.

You can also access your email directly via: 


We’ve provided more information and videos about these below. 


Outlook Web App

The Outlook Web App runs in a web browser such as Edge, Chrome, or Safari. You can use it on computers and mobile devices. It is simple to access - here's how: 

  1. Navigate to the Outlook Web App 
  2. Sign in using your Hallam credentials - and your usual University password

This will open your mailbox in your default web browser. You can bookmark or favourite it for easy access later. By signing into your browser, you can sync this across all the computers and devices that you use.

Outlook Mobile App

This is one of the two methods we recommend you use. Please ensure you keep your device secure to prevent unauthorised access to your data. This includes using a strong password, PIN, or biometrics to unlock your device. 

  1. Go to your devices app store
  2. Download the Microsoft Outlook app and open it
  3. Add your account using your Hallam username in the format: 

Outlook Desktop App

You can also access Outlook via the Outlook desktop app. We recommend that you use the Desktop App to transfer your emails from Gmail to Outlook.

Find out how to download the Outlook Desktop app.

Keep up to date with email and calendar

It is important to keep up with your emails and calendar to ensure you don’t miss any important information. Check out these tips and never miss a University email again:

You can connect your timetable to Microsoft Outlook this will allow activities in your timetable to be added to your main calendar.

Forwarding emails

As the student email service is now provided by Microsoft rather than Gmail, there is no option to forward the email to another account.

Removal of Gmail Address

The Gmail email address (… will be removed from students' records effective on 21/09/2022. This change is part of the move of student email from Gmail to Outlook, which allows all students to have an Outlook account, which can be used for printing purposes.

Once this has changed, this will have two effects for students:

1.     Students should now use the Email-to-Print service from their Outlook account, as this is the email address that will be recognised by the print system.

2.     When you use the scanning function on the MFDs (aka the All-In-One Konica printer/copier/scanners), the “Email Me” button you are given as an option to avoid having to type in your email address manually will now send the scans directly to your Outlook account.


Information about your archived Gmail mailbox

If you enrolled prior to July 2022, you will have had a University Gmail account. After your email moves to Outlook, you will continue to have access to your Gmail emails as a read-only archive whilst you are enrolled as a student. You can continue to access old emails in Gmail, or you can import them using the Outlook Desktop App, so all your emails are in one place.  

How to access your Gmail

You may be used to clicking links in My Hallam and Blackboard etc to get to your Gmail. After the move to Outlook you can still access your Gmail in the following ways: (You can bookmark these for easier access after clicking the links): 


How to get support

Please contact the IT Service Desk if you have any problems setting up or using email and calendar.