Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities

Placement Learning Expectations

There are several documents that set out the expectations and responsibilities of all those involved in the partnership between students, clinical staff and supporting lecturers in the clinical education of physiotherapists.

The Placement Learning Expectations document sets out the general expectations and responsibilities of all those involved in the partnership between students, clinical staff, university lecturers, patients, service users and carers in the clinical education of health professionals.

Students are advised that they must follow their placement provider's policies and guidelines at all times while on placement.

University Subject Group Placement Lead (SGPL, Allied Health Professional (AHP) Link Tutors and Academic Adviser roles

The Health and Care Profession Council's Standards for Education and Training have been in force since June 2017, providing overarching guidance on the role of Practice Educators.

AHP Link Tutor Essential Activities - Operating Principles (PDF, 224.3KB) - explains how university link lecturers support students and placement providers who support student learning in practice.

SGPL and Link Team Essential Activities (PDF, 177.5KB) - complement and support the Link Tutor role.

Academic Adviser role. (PDF, 227.5KB)

Placement Feedback Responsibilities

Service User and Carer and Multidisciplinary Feedback

You can use the Feedback From Others page in the CPAF for your placement to record feedback from service users and carers and from any multidisciplinary team member. You are advise to "Please ensure these parts are completed and discussed between learner and practice educator(s) at regular intervals." 

Please visit the Assessment page for further information.

Online Evaluation of Practice Learning

You must complete the online survey which will be sent via e-mail by the placement administration team towards the end of your placement. This feedback is requested by our commissioners and helps the placement team evaluate student placement experiences.

Please visit the Quality Assurance page for further information.