This page provides further supplementary policies and good research practice guidance.

Additional Policies

Vulnerable Participants and Safeguarding

Health and Safety

Ethical Issues in Specific Research

Insurance and Potentially Higher Risk Factors

Please direct any insurance-related queries to

Communication Technology

Publication and Authorship

Data Protection and Storage

Health-Related Protocols and Guidance

Researchers can consult their research institute webpages for useful links to international and national guidelines, discipline-specific professional body codes and guidance documents and funding body requirements.

Requesting Access to Staff and Students (Internal Researchers)

To request data concerning University students and staff please complete this Request Form and return to ! SPI Insight Requests.

Requesting Access to Staff and Students (External Researchers)

The University Research Ethics Committee has established guidelines and procedures for granting external organisations permission to access University staff and students for the purpose of research projects.

Relevant Legislation