Test yourself. These short questionnaires offer a way to capture how you are feeling and gauge your development over time.  There are a wide range of these.  You need to register with Togetherall to be able to access them and a range of other resources on this site.  Its a short process and you will only need to do it once. 

Togetherall Self-assessments

Icon of some alcoholic drinks


Lots of people enjoy a drink but we might worry sometimes about our drinking levels. You can take this test if you are concerned about your drinking habits.

Check your drinking habits
icon of a clipboard checklist

Drug use

Many people have used drugs at one time or another. If you are concerned about your use of drugs you can take this test to understand more.

Check your drug use
Line drawing of someone with confused lines in their head


We can all feel anxious and stressed from time to time. This test will help you and us to understand how anxiety might be affecting you.

Test your anxiety

Outline of a head with a thundercloud in it


We can all feel low from time to time. This test will help you and us to understand how low mood might be affecting you. This is a standard clinical test just for low mood.

Test your low mood
Icon of a head with a food thought bubble


Eating can be a great pleasure in life but for some it’s problematic. Relationships with food can be complex. Take this test if you’re worried about your eating patterns.

Check your eating habits
Image of a head with a brain shown inside

Loss or Trauma

Loss and trauma can impact on all of our lives in unexpected ways. This test will help you and us understand the impact that a loss or trauma may have had on you.

Check how your loss or trauma is affecting you

Image of a head with a piece of jigsaw in

Fears or Phobias

This test looks at how fear impacts you in different situations; public places (agoraphobia); being around others (social phobia) and fear of injuries involving blood.

Test how your fear affects you
Icon of a head with a smiley face in it

Self esteem

Self-esteem is how we evaluate ourselves; positively or negatively. Sometimes we judge ourselves. This test may help you understand your own levels of self-esteem better.

Test your self esteem
Icon of a person asleep


Many of us have poor sleep at times and we can sometimes suffer from more troubling lack of sleep. This test can indicate whether stress or anxiety may impacting your sleep.

Is stress / anxiety affecting your sleep?

An icon depicting a heart


This test looks at your general wellbeing. Please be aware that this is a standard validated test giving a measure of wellbeing.

Check your wellbeing levels
Image of a sticking plaster

Anxiety about health

Many of us worry and feel stressed about our health from time to time. This test will help you and us to understand if you worry too much about your health.

Check your health anxiety
Image of a head with a cog wheel

Obsessive or compulsive tendencies

OCD is now commonly understood and lots of us might be checking, doubting or arranging stuff too much. Use this test to check your obsessive or compulsive tendencies.

Check your obsessive or compulsive tendencies