A selection of short videos from our practitioners on key wellbeing topics.

Adapting to Uni Life

Advice on how to settle in to university and give yourself time to find friends and activities you enjoy.

Wellbeing Appointments

Find out about the support provided by the Student Wellbeing Service, how to access in and what to expect.

Coping in uncertain times

Uncertainty can feel difficult to manage at times, this video gives advice and techniques on how to cope. 

LGBTQIA Identity at University

A look at identity through transition periods from a LGBTQIA perspective.

Supporting Someone Through Panic

Find out more about panic attacks and how to support someone who is having one.

OMG Panic attacks

If stress levels become overwhelming, this can contribute to the experience of panic attacks. This short video is a method to help you to cope during panic attacks.

Managing panic attacks

How to reduce and manage panic - understanding what happens during panic attacks and techniques to cope.

Box Breathing Technique

A simple technique to help you to manage your breathing, and calm your stress levels or anxiety.

Grounding Techniques

Techniques to manage strong emotions, where you may feel overwhelmed, including stress.

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Tips from our wellbeing team on managing low mood throughout the winter months.

5 ways to wellbeing

Find out about the different ways that you can improve you mental and physical wellbeing.