Microsoft PowerPoint is a tool for creating slideshow presentations that include text, data, images, sound, video and animated effects. It is widely used in the workplace and you might also have to give presentations as part of your assessments, so it is a good tool to learn how to use effectively. So whether you’re looking to learn some simple tips and tricks or ready to go beyond the basics, this section will help you make the most of PowerPoint and create engaging content.

Check out the video below on top tips while using PowerPoint.

How to access

Microsoft PowerPoint is part of the Office 365 package, which all students and staff can download for free. This will give you the latest version of Microsoft PowerPoint.

LinkedIn Learning course

The following LinkedIn Learning course will show you how to create effective presentations using Powerpoint. You can learn how to create a new presentation including how to format text, images and multimedia. Enhancing the design and layout is also covered. There are practical tips on how to present, including using speaker notes. The course ends with information on how to work collaboratively.

You can watch the whole course from beginning to end, which takes around an hour, or just watch the videos you’re interested in.

If you already feel familiar with Powerpoint, you can check out some quick hints and tips in this alternative course.

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