Microsoft Office Specialist

Microsoft Office Specialist

Don’t miss your chance to become a Microsoft Office Specialist!

Do you want to improve your productivity, confidence and proficiency in Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, or Excel?

Microsoft Office Specialist is an internationally recognised qualification that looks great to future employers. And it’s completely free for students to take. Even if you’re assured of your own skills, MOS will prove that to future employers by having it ready on your CV, or with a digital certificate and badge, you can display on your Linkedin profile.

What is Microsoft Office Specialist Training?

Here's a short video that explains what it is and how to access it.

Getting started

You can complete the first step by registering below. You will need to login to your student account to complete the registration. 

How long will it take to complete?

This could depend on your own current skills, and how familiar you already are with Office. Generally, it's expected that you'll need to do around 26 hours of independent study and 12 hours towards practice tests. But this could vary greatly!  
You are expected to take your test within three months of starting your course, so make sure you put time aside each week to work towards it. 

What's the exam like?

The exam can be taken online with an invigilator that sits in during the test. The exam is project based - meaning that you will be given a document, spreadsheet, or presentation that you need to develop through tasks given to you. For example, you could be given a PowerPoint document and asked to create and manage a presentation with formatting and images.  

The exams are 50 minutes long. They are marked out of 1000 points and you'll need at least 700 to pass.  You'll be able to see your results immediately after completing the exam.


Help with taking the exam

If you find that you need some additional help in taking the test, there are options available to help. These can look like:

- More test time 
- A reader/recorder, to help with reading or understanding questions 

If you need help, please look at Certiport’s page on accommodations to complete a reasonable adjustment request. When it’s time for you to book your exam, you can provide proof of the request, let them know what accommodations you need, and they’ll be granted for you.