Panopto is a tool where you can record, edit and host videos online. It is also the tool that your lecturers will use to host your video learning materials and recorded lectures within your Blackboard module sites. Panopto has a range of functions that you can use such as automatic subtitles, notes, quizzes and discussions. In some cases, Panopto may be used for assessment if you are being asked to create a video as part of your module.

How to access

Panopto can be accessed from your MyHallam module, via a web browser or using the mobile application that is available on Android and iOS. You will need to login using your Hallam credentials.  Note: There are two mobile applications for Panopto. You will need to slect the 'SHU login' option and then use your Hallam login credetials.

Note: There are two mobile applications for Panopto, you will need to download the Panopto application and not Panopto Legacy. If you get an error message that says that you don’t have permissions to view a video, you should wait a minute and then refresh the page

How to record a video

There are three ways to create videos: Panopto Recorder (Application), Panopto Capture (Web) and the Panopto App. If you want to use Panopto Recorder on a Hallam computer, you will need to launch it from AppsAnywhere. If you receive a .net error message when using Panopto Recorder you should contact IT Help for assistance. Note: Panopto Capture is not available on Safari. You are also able to upload videos that you have created using another tool to Panopto. Once the video has been created or uploaded, you can edit the video in Panopto

To submit a video that you have created or uploaded in Panopto to Blackboard, follow the steps in this video.