Video Calls

Video Calls

There are many different video call platforms available to keep in touch personally and professionally. At Hallam we use Blackboard Collaborate and Zoom for online teaching and meetings. Keep up to date with your online appointments by regularly checking your timetable and emails.

Blackboard Collaborate


Best practice

Video calls can feel very personal. When engaging in professional video calls such as a job interview or online lecture it is advised to follow these tips to remain respectful and polite.

  • Always join a video call with your full name, so everyone knows who you are.
  • Be aware of your background environment and what is on display. You can use virtual backgrounds if you feel that would be more appropriate but remember to avoid it being too busy or distracting.
  • Consider your lighting. Having a light source behind you can make you appear as a shadow. Ideally face the light to ensure you can be seen clearly. This will enable conversation to flow more naturally.
  • Wear headphones when possible. This is particularly important for 1-1 meetings.
  • Remember instant messaging is unlikely to be private. Don’t write anything you wouldn’t want anyone else in the virtual session to see, most importantly the facilitator.
  • Check your video and audio settings before the start of each video call. This can save time as any problems can be resolved before the call begins.