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PebblePad is a versatile digital platform where you can share and publish content online with users including other students on your course and your academic tutors. You can record audio or video, upload documents and pictures, or embed content from other social media platforms.

PebblePad Functionality

Accessing PebblePad

PebblePad can be accessed via the Hallam login page. Be sure to select ‘I have an IT account at this organisation’. It’s available to everyone at Hallam and no installation is needed to use it.

You can access PebblePad using the Pebble Pocket app. Use this to log evidence whilst on placement without needing an internet connection.

When you graduate, you are entitled to a free Personal Pebble+ Alumni Account. It can help you to create/update your C.V.

More information about PebblePad Alumni Account.

Use ATLAS to submit work for assessment

ATLAS is a shared space to upload work for assessment. Some of your assessments may already be set up for auto-submission. If not, our guide goes through the process of manually setting up work for assessment.

You can also use ATLAS to access marks and feedback on your work. See our guide (DOCX, 3.8MB) for how to do this. Paper and Video versions are available.

Workbooks are one of the most common tools that you’re likely to use in PebblePad. They can serve as showcases of your work. See this introductory guide for more details.