Microsoft Teams is a communication and collaboration platform that is regularly used across the education and professional industry, and is available to all students and staff. By using Teams, you will be able to chat, share files, make calls, and video meetings with others. Note: not all courses will be set up with a dedicated channel, but you will still be able to access MS Teams. 

How to access

Microsoft Teams can be accessed in three main ways: 

When logging in to Teams you will need to log in using your Hallam credentials.


Functionality in Teams:

Activity: Activity notifies you of any mentions, messages, feeds, replies, reactions, missed calls and apps. It is recommended that you keep notifications on so you don’t miss anything.

Chat: Send instant messages, start video calls, share files and work collaboratively on Office 365 applications. Create group conversations and collaborate with classmates.

Teams & Channels: Shows all the teams that you are assigned to and the channels within each team. In channels, you can share applications, start conversations and react to posts.

Calendar: Displays your Outlook calendar with two functions to start an instant meeting or schedule one.

Calls: Show an address book which lists all contacts that you have previously contacted. You can call them and chat with them from this option.

Files: Upload documents that you would like to share on Teams, open files and work on documents collaboratively.

This LinkedIn Learning module covers a range of things you can do with your Teams account. This will help you to stay organised, arrange meetings, message and chat with peers whilst keeping all relevant study documentation in one place.