Microsoft Word is the world-wide standard for creating/editing text files and formatting reports and other structured documents. While it is very easy to get started with Word, there are some very powerful, but less used, features than can really increase your efficiency and writing process. With it being so widely used, Word is a program that is well worth spending some time to learn.

Introduction to Word

How to access

Microsoft Word is part of the Office 365 package, which all students and staff can download for free. This will give you the latest version of Microsoft Word.

Introduction to Word 2021:

The following short LinkedIn Learning courses will show you how to:

Introduction to Word 2021

For further support, follow the ‘Word 2021 - Essential training’ course in LinkedIn Learning.

Learn how to create and edit documents, and then collaborate on your documents with others—from any device connected to the web by following the ‘Learning Word Online (Office 365)’ LinkedIn Learning course.

Want to master this application? Sign up for a free certification here. 

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