Getting an offer on an undergraduate degree course

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Getting an offer on an undergraduate degree course

When to expect a decision on your UCAS application and what to do next

We'll make a decision on your application between November and March. You will be able to see our decision in UCAS Hub.

The decision could be a conditional offer, an unconditional offer, or a rejection.

You can apply online for your accommodation as soon as you’ve received an offer of a place on a course. We’ll send you your accommodation offer when your course place has been confirmed.

Types of offer

Conditional offer

If you get a conditional offer, you'll need to meet certain conditions to get your place. For example:

  • getting grades in specific subjects
  • meeting an English language requirement
  • sending us proof of your qualifications.

If you don't meet these conditions, you might lose your place.

In some cases, we might make a contextual offer. As a contextual offer holder, we will also take your circumstances into consideration when receiving your results and it may mean we are able to be more flexible in confirming your place. You will also have access to dedicated additional support to help you through your journey to university including our SHU Progress scheme

Unconditional offers

If you get an unconditional offer, this means you've got a place on the course. Congratulations!

There's nothing else you need to do apart from accepting your offer.

Accepting your offer

If your offers are conditional, the next step is to decide which university is your first choice and which is your backup.

UCAS refers to these as your 'Firm choice' and your 'Insurance choice'.

If you have an unconditional offer that you want to accept, you will be confirmed on that course immediately. You won't need an insurance choice.

You reply to your offers using UCAS Hub.

Changing your mind

You can contact UCAS to change your decision for up to 14 days.

After 14 days have passed, you need to contact each university directly first.

No reply swaps are possible after 25 July 2024.

If you have accepted an unconditional offer from us and want to change your course or defer your place to next year, you'll find more information on our confirmation page.

If you don't get an offer

If we don't offer you a place, you can ask for feedback on your application. Contact admissions by email or letter within 28 days of our decision.

We try to respond within 20 working days, and we will tell you if it is likely to take longer.

Complaints and appeals

If you think we have made a mistake with your application, you can also appeal against our decision.

What next?

Read our page on confirming your place to find out what happens on A Level results day.


Open days

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