Active Bystander training

Active Bystander training

We want to promote an inclusive campus community. That’s why all our students are expected to take online training about dealing with harassment.

The Active Bystander course will teach you:

  • how to recognise harassment and hate incidents,
  • appropriate strategies for intervening, and
  • how you can make a positive impact on your University community from the start.

Start the course

The course you need to complete is called Active Bystander. It is part of the Tackling Harassment programme on an e-learning website called Epigeum.

To access the course, you need to:

  • register with Epigeum using your Hallam email address,
  • enter the token c8277f40,
  • follow the instructions on your account activation email.

If you can't find your activation email, check your spam or junk mail folder.

Please note: If you have to leave the course part way through your progress will not be saved. When you next log in, use the navigation options to return to the last screen you visited to continue your progress.

For any other problems, visit the help page for the Epigeum platform or contact the Epigeum support team.

The course works best in Chrome, Firefox or Edge.

Your data

We take your privacy and the collection of data very seriously. When you take the Active Bystander module we will not use or share any of the personal data you provide for marketing, or share it with third parties.

Completing this module automatically confirms to the University that you have taken the recommended Active Bystander training, in line with the university Code of Conduct and Student Charter.

By registering for Active Bystander you consent to the University having access to your progress through the module.

The University will not routinely check the completion of the Active Bystander module. However, your progress may be used as part of any investigation related to disciplinary cases, complaints or fitness to practice/study cases which are processed in order to fulfil our contract with you.

You can find more information on why we process your personal data and your rights.

We will retain your data for the duration of your course and one further academic year. It will then be removed.


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