Course Welcome Schedule

Schedules for most courses will be available from 10 September. The remaining schedules will be added throughout the week, please keep checking the page for updates.

Your Course Welcome Schedule is like a timetable for Welcome Week.

You must go to all the sessions on your schedule, unless you are genuinely unable to attend. They will tell you what to expect when teaching begins, and introduce you to your tutors, course mates and learning spaces.

Schedule release dates

  • Schedules for most courses will be available on 10 September from 4.30pm.
  • PGCE (Primary, Early Years, Secondary, Post 16 and FE, BATL or Early Childhood Education and Care) schedules are available now.
  • If you start on 6 September and do not already have your schedule, contact Hallam Help.

Research students do not need a welcome schedule.

Some courses might have pre-arrival activities that are not shown on your welcome schedule. Check your Hallam and personal email accounts and Blackboard sites for additional pre-arrival tasks or information.

Teaching timetables

Your Course Welcome Schedule is only for Welcome Week. You can find your full teaching timetable in My Student Record from 20 September.

Finding your welcome schedule

To access your welcome schedule, first choose the right set of schedules. There is one for students starting a new course, and one for students moving into the next year of their current course.

Use your University username and password to log in, and enter your course name to find your schedule.

If you have forgotten your password, use the password reset tool before you try to log in.

New student welcome schedules

For students starting a new course

Current student welcome schedules

For students returning to a course

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