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Mental health support

The ‘mental health’ branch of student wellbeing offers students support with mental health experiences and symptoms as they arise. 

Staff will use a range of therapeutic and practical interventions to work alongside you to help you to make sense of and manage your experiences so that you can progress with your studies.  Sessions will be time limited (usually up to six sessions) but will be flexible and holistic to meet your needs.

Our mental health practitioners are qualified mental health workers with significant experience in both statutory services and higher education, they are able to use their expertise to  support you to make and carry out plans, and making sure that you get the support that you need from other services (within and outside the university). We might also support you to come back to your studies after a break.

Student wellbeing mental health practitioners are likely to talk to you about any thoughts or behaviours which might put you or your studies at risk and work with you to manage these, our aim is to support you through your difficult times so that you can do the things which you want and need to do.

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Non university-based mental health support

Students often access non-university based support through NHS Sheffield Talking Therapies or more specialist services.

You can self-refer to NHS Sheffield Talking Therapies.  Sheffield Talking Therapies is an NHS service which offers a range of support for people experiencing common mental health problems, for example stress, low mood, anxiety.  This link will take you to the NHS Sheffield Talking Therapies page but if you don’t live in Sheffield you should be able to find your local NHS Talking Therapies service with a simple web search.

Your GP is usually your first point of contact for more specialist support (this can be your home GP if you haven’t yet moved to a GP near your university address) or refer to NHS 111 online.  It is important to make sure you have a GP, because they can make sure you get the medical and psychological help that you need, particularly if you have ongoing physical or mental health issues.

The Sheffield Mental Health Guide is a fantastic resource which captures the support available if you are experiencing mental health problems, it will also tell you how to access services.

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