Adding Colours and Icons

Adding Colours and Icons

You can also add colours and icons to your Mindmap. This will help you navigate your Mindmap as it grows larger. You can also then use the legend and filters to group elements together.

Adding Colours

Firstly select the branch you want to add colour to. The Format tab will appear on the toolbar.

MindView interface with the format tab open

In the Format tab press the fill colour button and select a colour. This will now fill the selected branch with your selected colour.

MindView interface with the fill colour option under format expanded so the colours are displayed

Adding Icons

Press on the branch you want to add an icon to. Now press the Icons tab on the right of the screen and select an icon to insert into the selected branch.

MindView interface with the icon sidebar displayed on the right. The icons tab is highlighted with a red box.

Legend and Filter

A good way to manage colours and icons is with the legend and filter tools.


Adding a Legend


Press on the View tab to access the Legend tool.

The MindView view ribbon with the Legend button highlighted

To add a legend firstly press on the Legend button. The legend now appears in the top left-hand side of the mind map.

Press on Add Item and choose to add a colour or icon – we will choose a colour for this example.

Mind map with a Legend box open

Now press on the Select button to use the eye-dropper tool, and choose the colour that you want to add to the legend from your mind map.

The MindView colours pop up where is allows you to select a colour from a 2D colour box for you mindmap

Press into the space to the right of the colour in the legend, and give the colour a label. For this example we will use the label 'More research needed'

Close-up of the legend box

To paint another branch with the same colour (or icon), select your branch and then hover over the colour label and press the paintbrush icon.

Legend box with the mouse pointing at the 'paint' button. 


You can also now use the funnel symbol in the Legend, to filter by colour.

Legend box with the mouse pointing at the filter button