Get Mindview

Get Mindview

1. Come to a Group Session to Get a Mindview Account

2. Set Up Your Mindview Account

(Staff can access Mindview via AppsAnywhere)
Screenshot of Mindview invite email

Find your invite email and press the link

Screenshot of the Mindview Online 'Create Password' page

Accept terms and create your password

Mindview download page

Choose your Mindview platform

3. Get Mindview Set Up on Your Device

Mindview installation wizard (in Windows)
[Download and install for Windows]
Mindview for Mac install screen
Download and install for Mac

Or you can also go to Mindview Online and use the web app.

Mindview Online login screen

4. Activate Mindview (on Windows & Mac)

⚠️ When you first load Mindview for Windows or Mac it will prompt you for a licence key. Ignore and close this prompt, and follow the instructions below.

WINDOWS Press the Log in button in the top-right corner oF the Mindview app.
mindview login button
Mac Go to the Mindview menu in the Mac toolbar, and press Login
Top-level Mindview menu on Apple Mac

Now activate Mindview with your login details

Mindview login screen