How your voice makes a difference

How your voice makes a difference

In response to your feedback* we have invested in what matters to you and improved the areas you felt could be better.

1. Teaching and assessments 

  • You can nominate staff for inspirational teaching, outstanding student support and academic advising awards every year.

  • More teaching staff are achieving professional recognition.

  • We give you an assessment schedule at the start of the academic year so you know when assignments are due.

  • Your assessment results are clear and easy to find through My Student Record.

  • Our library Information Advisers are there to help you find the study resources you need.

  • We’ve made assessments fairer with online exams, easier access to extensions and repeat assessment attempts.

  • There are new College Officers and extra Department Rep support to better represent your academic interests.

  • We’re running extra support sessions to help you feel more prepared for on-campus exams.

2. Student support

3. Facilities and resources

  • We’re investing in the facilities you value and making them more accessible through our new campus plan.

  • Reading Lists Online makes sure texts recommended by staff are available.

  • We've increased the number of computers on campus and provided more specialist software through Apps Anywhere.

  • You can borrow laptops from the libraries and we can help you find free computers across campus with the SHUgo app.

  • All your Blackboard sites and resources from previous years are available.

  • We’ve created new guides for lecturers to make our reading lists more diverse.

  • We’ve introduced new career planning tools and resources to help you make career choices.

4. Opportunities and partnerships

  • More courses now support academic societies.

  • GoGlobal provides exciting events and opportunities for students from all cultures.

  • We’rere working with the Students' Union to develop your course representative system.

  • The Hallam Award recognises the skills you develop through extracurricular activities.

  • The Snug scheme makes sure you have access to good quality, safe accommodation.

*Student feedback sources