How to share your views

How to share your views

Undergraduate student surveys

The National Student Survey (NSS) asks final year undergraduate students across the country to reflect on their university experience. It’s run by an independent agency and approved by the University.

NSS results are published throughout the UK every year. This is your opportunity to shout about what Sheffield Hallam has done for you.

Postgraduate student surveys

There are two surveys for postgraduate students run by the Higher Education Academy.

Module surveys

Become a Student Representative

You can represent your fellow students’ and help make positive changes by volunteering to be a Student Representative

Visit the Sheffield Hallam Students' Union web pages to find out more about Student Reps and what they do.

Students' Union

As well as speaking to your Course or Department Rep, there are other ways to give feedback to the Students’ Union. Your feedback is used to help improve your student experience.

  • The Hallam How are we Doing? survey is open to all students and runs three times a year during November, February and May.
  • The Union Voice platform can be used all year to give any feedback about your university experience.

Other feedback

We recognise there will be things you'd like to tell the University when major surveys aren't running, or there may be issues you need an immediate response to. To do this, you can speak to or email the member of staff most directly involved or if you’re unsure contact Hallam Help.