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SIRG staff

SIRG staff

Our team

David Barrett 208103

David Barrett

Research Fellow

David Barrett's profile
Steve Bullough 122860

Steve Bullough

Senior Research Fellow

Steve Bullough's profile
Lizzie Christy 27737

Elizabeth Christy

Research Assistant

Elizabeth Christy's profile
Richard Coleman 118775

Richard Coleman

Principal Research Fellow

Richard Coleman's profile
Larissa Davies stood posing for a photo

Dr Larissa Davies

Reader in Sport Management

Larissa Davies' profile
Lee Edmondson 27716

Lee Edmondson

Research Assistant

Lee Edmondson's profile
Simon Goldsmith 203109

Simon Goldsmith

Research Fellow

Simon Goldsmith's profile
Maxine Gregory 122943

Maxine Gregory

Senior Research Fellow

Maxine Gregory's profile
Kerry Griffiths 504370

Dr Kerry Griffiths

Research Fellow

Dr Kerry Griffiths's profile
Gemma Hart 204854

Gemma Hart

Senior Research Fellow

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Themistocles Kokolakakis

Dr Themis Kokolakakis


Dr Themis Kokolakakis' profile
Shia Ping Kung 118563

Shia Ping Kung

Senior Research Fellow

Shia Ping Kung's profile
Robbie Millar 27763

Robbie Millar


Robbie Millar's profile
Richard Moore

Richard Moore

Senior Research Fellow

Richard Moore's profile
Girish Ramchandani

Dr Girish Ramchandani

Associate Professor of Sport Management

Girish Ramchandani's profile
Simon Shibli

Professor Simon Shibli

Professor of Sport Management

Simon Shibli's profile
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Ryan Storey

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