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Autistic student support

What to expect at Sheffield Hallam - Student stories

Here are some personal stories from autistic students about their university experiences.

Finding your way around

Here are some resources to help you to familiarise yourself with the University and find your way around.

  • AccessAble website has images of Hallam information about its buildings and facilities.
  • Information about getting around, including the University's room numbering system.
  • Maps of City Campus and Collegiate Campus.
  • The main lifts in the Owen building work differently to other lifts. You need to choose the floor you want to get to using a touch screen before you get into the lift. The system then tells you which lift to get in to get to that floor. Each lift is numbered from six to nine. The numbers are above each lift. On the touch screen press the number of the floor you want to go to. The number of the lift you need to use will appear at the top of the touch screen. Wait for the numbered lift. When the numbered lift arrives, get in. The lift will automatically take you to your floor. It might also stop at some other floors.

Information for parents and supporting adults

You may have enquiries about your child when they are attending university but we may not always be able to provide you with answers. You can read our privacy notice regarding sharing information here.

The transition to university is a big change for parents and carers as well as for your children. Please go to our Parents and Carers web page for information and advice.

Quiet Spaces 

For relaxation 

There is a quiet room in the Multifaith Space, Level 2 Owen Building. It has five comfy chairs, space for one wheelchair, and space dividing screens. 

The quiet room

 For study 

The libraries have silent and quiet areas for study.

Social activities

We organise online and in person Socials for autistic students.

We have a Discord server for autistic students. If you want an invite code please email to ask for one.

The Students' Union has lots of societies. Here is a template email (DOCX, 12.3KB) that you can use to contact any that you are interested in.

Our Fave Places has a guide to what’s happening in Sheffield.

Welcome to Sheffield and the Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trusts have information on outdoor spaces to enjoy.

Useful apps and software

Below are some apps which might help you at University. Inclusive Support can help you use these apps.

Decision making and time management

Resource Description
Smart Steps Mobile Uses decision trees to help you manage everyday problems. Provides prompts for decision making and social skills to make life more accessible. Free version with basic features and £5.99/month for enhanced.
Time tree A free calendar that you can share with families and friends. Useful for students who need prompts from others to keep to a schedule. Available on iOS, Android, web. Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
Forest A free app to help you put down your phone and focus. You plant a tree depending on the amount of time you want to focus on your task and you can see your tree grow as you work.
Hold Blocks digital distractions in a fun and rewarding way. You can earn points for every minute you're off your phone. Redeem your points in the marketplace for real world rewards and compete with your colleagues and friends.
Clockwork tomato This is a time management app which boosts your productivity by breaking down work into 25 minute slices, separated by short breaks. Android only, free with in app purchases.

Organisation and mental health

Resource Description
Trello This is a visual tool for organising your work and life. This app can be used to help prioritise work, organise what needs to be done by when and can be used as a day to day activity planner. Free. Requires iOS 11.0 or later.

Adapting Habitica for autism

How to use Habitica
This is a free habit building and productivity app that treats your real life like a game. It has in-game rewards and punishments to motivate you and a strong social network to inspire you. The app gives sample ideas of how the app can be used to assist with work, university and health. Free - website and app need to be online to use.
Headspace Learn how to use meditation and mindfulness every day to train your mind and body for a healthier, happier life. Free version or a monthly or yearly subscription.

Additional support services

Here is a full list of services available from the University as well as external resources to help you with all aspects of University life.

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