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CCMS people

Susan Anderson

Dr Susan Anderson

Head of Centre 

David Clarke

Professor David Clarke

Cultural Heritage research group co-lead, Associate Professor

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Dr James Fenwick, Senior Lecturer in Media

Dr James Fenwick

Cultural Heritage research group co-lead, Senior Lecturer in Media

James Fenwick's profile
Diane Rodgers

Diane A. Rodgers

Cultural Heritage research group co-lead, Senior Lecturer

Diane Rodgers' profile
Craig Mann

Craig Ian Mann

Film & Television research group co-lead, Lecturer in Film and Media

dr sheldon hall

Dr Sheldon Hall

Film & Television research group co-lead, Reader in Film and Television

Anandi Ramamurthy

Anandi Ramamurthy

Anti Racism research group co-lead; REF UoA34 joint co-ordinator, Professor in Media and Culture

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Dr Jack Black

Anti Racism research group co-lead, CCMS seminar series co-lead, Senior Lecturer

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Lada Price

Dr Lada Trifonova Price

Digital Culture research group co-lead; CCMS seminar series co-lead, Senior Lecturer in Journalism

Lada Trifonova Price's profile
Eleanor Lockley

Dr Eleanor Lockley

Digital Culture research group co-lead, Research Fellow

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Anja Louis

Dr Anja Louis

REF UoA34 joint co-ordinator, Reader in Cultural and Intercultural Studies

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Ivan Phelan

Ivan Phelan

Impact VR director, Principal Research Fellow

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Kathy Doherty

Dr Kathy Doherty

Researcher support and development lead, Head of Postgraduate Research

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Geff Green, Deputy Head of Department, Media Arts and Communication

Dr Geff Green

Deputy Head of Department

Rinella Cere

Dr Rinella Cere


Joan Rodriguez Amat

Dr Joan Ramon Rodriguez-Amat

Principal Lecturer, Department Research and Innovation Lead

Joan Ramon Rodriguez-Amat's profile
Chi Yun Shin

Dr Chi-Yun Shin

Principal Lecturer

Chi-Yun Shin's profile
Bob Jeffery

Dr Bob Jeffery

Senior Lecturer

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Alison Adam

Professor Emeritus Alison Adam

Professor Emeritus of Science, Technology and Society

Professor Babak Akhgar, Professor of Informatics and Director of CENTRIC

Professor Babak Akhgar

Professor of Informatics, Director of CENTRIC

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Professor Petra Saskia Bayerl

Professor of Digital Communication and Security

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Tony Day 212598

Tony Day


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Nicola Palmer

Dr Nicola J Palmer

Head of Doctoral Training

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Laura Murphy

Professor Laura Murphy

Professor of Human Rights and Contemporary Slavery

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Suzanne Speidel

Dr Suzanne Speidel

Principal Lecturer

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Ruth Deller

Dr Ruth A Deller


Ruth Deller's profile
Kerry McSeveny 200979

Dr Kerry McSeveny

Senior Lecturer, Postgraduate Research Tutor

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Carmel O'Toole

Carmel O'Toole

Senior Lecturer

David Waddington

Professor David Waddington

Head of Communication and Computing Research Centre

Hantian Zhang

Dr Hantian Zhang


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Lily Canter

Dr Lily Canter

Senior Lecturer

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Liz Bridgen

Principal Lecturer

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Sara Trentham-Black

Principal Lecturer

Sara Trentham-Black's email
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Phillip Morris

Senior Lecturer and course leader

Philip Morris' email
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Alicia Carrion-Plaza


Alicia Carrion-Plaza's email
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Jude Wilson


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Dr Amy Wigelsworth

Senior Lecturer

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Dr Giulio Giusti

Senior Lecturer

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Laia Darder 29212

Dr Laia Darder Estevez

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Camila Bassi

Dr Camila Bassi

Senior Lecturer

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Matthew Hurley

Dr Matthew Hurley

Senior Lecturer

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Dr Neil Southern

Senior Lecturer

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